Welcome to MoneyPages

Welcome to Money Pages

Money Pages was designed to help you create a clear picture of your financial future.

When planning for retirement in today’s world you are faced with a complex situation that includes a wide array of factors including government benefits, pension plans, retirement savings plans, taxes, inflation and changing needs.

Money Pages provides the tools and resources that help you make the decisions you need to make to ensure your financial future will be all that you hope it will be.

Why is Money Pages important?  

  • Change to government benefits is putting more onus on individuals to save for their future. Money Pages can help ensure that you are on track.
  • Changes to your personal situation can mean changes should be made to your retirement plans. Money Pages makes it easy for you to save an update your plan quickly, easily and inexpensively.


Why is Money Pages valuable?

 Free calculators providing retirement projections are available but they tend to paint only part of the picture. 

  • Inaccurate or incomplete information, even if it is free, is not cheap. In fact, it can be costly if you base your retirement decisions on faulty information.
  • Money Pages strives to provide you with accurate results so you can be comfortable knowing that you can base your financial decisions on a strong foundation.


What makes Money Pages different? 

  • It was designed specifically for Canadians, taking into account the government benefits, taxes and other factors that are unique to Canada.
  • It is easy to use and to understand. You won’t need a PhD to use the software or to understand the results
  • Money Pages is completely independent from investment advice and there is no underlying incentive to suggest specific financial products or investment strategies.


Upon release of our new website, you will be able to take the Free Demonstration Version of our SmartPlanner for a test drive. If you like what you see subscribe and create your own personalized retirement plan.

Who can use Money Pages?

There will be a wide array of FREE calculators and tools that are available to everyone.

The Smart Planner will be available a subscription service. 

  • Individual users can develop their own personal plans using our individual subscription.
  • Financial advisors can develop plans for their clients using our professional subscription

There can be other applications for the Smart Planner as well.

  • Human resources departments can point toward to Money Pages as tool their employees can use to help them plan their finances.
  • Educational institutions can use the software as a tool to illustrate the process of retirement planning to their students using the demo version.